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Your Rights

A woman speaking into a megaphone alongside a woman holding a phone at a march
A woman speaking into a megaphone alongside a woman holding a phone at a march

Know Your Rights: An Easy Guide

This guide sets out the rights that older people have in a range of key areas, such as employment, healthcare and housing.

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An older woman in a hospital bed talking to a medical professional who is sitting down

Hospital Discharge: Helpful information about what to expect when you’re ready to leave hospital

A guide on hospital discharge for older people and their families, which provides a range of helpful information about what older people should expect when they are ready to leave hospital.

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Front Covers of the Know Your Rights: Living in a Care Home in Wales guide in Welsh and English

Living in a Care Home in Wales: Know Your Rights

The Commissioner has launched a guide for older people, which provides crucial information about their rights when moving into and living in a care home.

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An older woman listening to another woman, a man smiling and reading, a woman on a laptop, and a woman on the phone

Getting the information and services you need in a digital world: Know your rights

Did you know you have a right to access the information and services you need in a way that suits you?

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Older woman in red with crossed arms over a bollard

Taking Action Against Ageism

It's essential we challenge ageism at every opportunity, but many older people have told us they find it difficult to recognise ageism, and are unsure what to do to challenge ageism when they encounter it. Our guide provides information about how to take action against ageism.

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Older man sitting in chair

Social Services in Wales

The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 is a Welsh law that sets out the ways in which local authorities must provide information, care and support to older people.

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A woman looking into the distance and faintly smiling in a wooded area

An Easy Guide to Lasting Powers of Attorney

The guide is intended to help people across England and Wales to better understand the importance of having a LPA to manage their finances, health and welfare.

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A graphic of a head with jigsaw pieces in it

Mental Capacity: An Easy Guide

This guide will provide you with a greater understanding of what is meant by 'Mental Capacity'

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Two books and a gavel on a table

Protection of Older People in Wales: A Guide to the Law

This guide aims to help practitioners be more aware of the law available to support them in their day-to-day work.

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