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Pension Credit: Action needed so older people don’t miss out

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Almost one in five older people in Wales is living in poverty, and incomes are shrinking in real terms week by week as the effects of inflation continue.

The cost- of-living crisis will drive even more older people into poverty over the coming winter months, putting their health at significant

It is therefore more important than ever that older people receive all of the financial support to which they are entitled, including Pension Credit, which can offer a lifeline to some of Wales’s poorest and most vulnerable older people.

However, it is estimated that up to 80,000 eligible households in Wales do not claim the Pension Credit they are entitled to, meaning that every year over £200 million is left unclaimed in the UK Treasury, rather than reaching those who need it most.

Action is needed to significantly increase the number of older people in Wales receiving the Pension Credit to which they are entitled, to ensure they do not continue to miss out on this vital support.

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