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Helena Herklots, Older People's Commissioner for Wales

Making Wales the best place in the world to grow older: Commissioner’s Strategy 2019-22

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It is an honour to be the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, a post that I took up in August 2018. For over 30 years I have been working with older people, seeking to improve the experience of ageing and being an older person, and like most of us I also have experience of knowing and caring about older people in my own family and amongst my friends.

Growing older and living in an ageing society is something most of us will experience and improving this experience benefits us all.

Wales has much to be proud of in terms of its work to improve the lives of older people, and growing older has been a positive experience for many of the people I have met and spoken with since I took up post, offering them a wide range of new opportunities.

But this is not the case for everyone, particularly those who are most vulnerable, and much more needs to be done so that all older people can have the best possible quality of life, remain active and engaged, access the services and support they may need, and do the things that matter to them.

In 2006 Wales led the world by bringing in legislation to establish an independent Older People’s Commissioner with a range of unique legal powers. We have the opportunity to lead the way again and in this strategy I set out the priorities that need to be taken forward to make this happen, as well as the part that I will play in making Wales the best place in the world to grow older.

Heléna Herklots CBE
Older People’s Commissioner for Wales 


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Click here to download the Commissioner’s 2019-20 Work Programme Summary


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