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BRIEFING: Cost of Living Crisis – Action required to protect older people

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As the cost-of-living crisis continues, we are increasingly hearing reports about the reality of the current situation for older people surviving on low incomes, who are among those most affected by spiralling costs and soaring inflation.

We’ve heard about individuals who cannot afford the energy to cook a hot meal, those too afraid to turn the lights on for fear of receiving an unpayable bill.

For others, activities crucial for well-being which may cost a small amount – such as attending a community group or meeting up with friends – are no longer affordable.

Older people should be able to retire with dignity, with enough income from their state pension and/or other sources to live comfortably and continue to participate in society.

However, older people throughout Wales are finding their financial circumstances deteriorating, with many thousands being pushed into poverty or deeper into poverty. This means many older people are unable to afford essentials – such as food and heating – something that puts people’s health at significant risk adding further pressures onto an already stretched NHS, sadly, in some cases, this will result in loss of life.

The Commissioner has set out the action that needs to be taken at a Wales, UK and local level to improve the financial support available to older people. Taking this action will be crucial to ensure that older people get the immediate support they need as we face the cost-of-living crisis and that, in the longer term, older people receive a fair income that does not leave them trapped in persistent poverty.

Read the Commissioner's Briefing

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