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Pension Credit Promises

Pension Credit Promises

As part of her work to increase the uptake of Pension Credit in Wales, the Commissioner wants individuals and organisations throughout Wales to do what they can to help ensure older people do not miss out on Pension Credit, and to join her in making a Pension Credit Promise to highlight the action they will be taking – however big or small.

This could be something like sharing information about Pension Credit and how to claim, or signposting older people you work with to organisations that provide help and support.

You can see some of the Promises that have already been made below, and don’t forget to make your Pension Credit Promise using the form at the bottom of the page, which we’ll share via our social media channels.

“I promise to instigate a change towards claiming financial support in Wales, moving away from the traditional stigma, and taking an approach based on rights and entitlements. Through our Every Contact Counts approach we will continue to make a pro active stance on identifying eligibility for all support which will include both devolved and non-devolved benefits including Pension Credit.”

Mark Drakeford MS
First Minister of Wales

“I commit to working with my Ministerial Advisory Forum on Ageing Local Authority Age Friendly Officers and the Welsh Government funded Older People’s Groups to raise awareness of Pension Credit.”

Julie Morgan MS
Deputy Minister for Social Services




“I promise to renew the commitment to utilising our Pension Credit task and finish group as a means to facilitate discussion with DWP on Pension Credit and maximise the take-up via our networks of stakeholders across Wales.”

Jane Hutt MS
Minister for Social Justice

“To do all I can to ensure older people in Wales receive the support they are entitled to.”

Dr Altaf Hussain MS
MS for South Wales West

“To raise awareness about Pension Credit.”

Peredur Owen Griffiths MS
MS for South Wales East

“I promise to do my best to share information about Pension Credit and how to claim it, and to help individuals who want to apply for it.”

Ben Lake MP
MP for Ceredigion

“I will do all I can to maximise uptake of Pension Credit across Wales. This is an entitlement for our older citizens of Wales on limited incomes, and we don’t want anyone losing out – especially in this Cost of Living crisis!”

Huw Irranca-Davies MS
MS for Ogmore

“To change the language and rhetoric around benefits and focus on entitlements.”

Contributor to the Pension Credit Summit

“To set aside institutional or organisational rules as far as possible to break down barriers and get Pension Credit into people’s bank accounts.”

Contributor to the Pension Credit Summit

Please use the form below to make your own Pension Credit Promise and help make sure older people don’t miss out on the Pension Credit they’re entitled to. Alternatively, you can download a Promise Card and share a photo of you and your promise with us on our Twitter or Facebook pages. 

By working together, we can reach out to older people in communities throughout Wales and make a positive difference to thousands of lives by helping to ensure that older people surviving on the lowest incomes – many of whom are amongst the most vulnerable members of society – do not miss out on the support they’re entitled to.

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