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Response to High Court Ruling on State Pension Inequality

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Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, Heléna Herklots CBE, said:

“I am very disappointed that the High Court has ruled that changes to the state pension age were not discriminatory, despite the impact they have had on a significant number of older women.

“Nearly 4 million women across the UK have been affected, with many struggling to cope financially as they did not have appropriate time to make adjustments in response to the changes.

“Despite the ruling, I still believe that the way these changes were introduced by the UK government had a disproportionate and discriminatory impact upon women of a certain age, something that should not be acceptable.

“I am also concerned that the High Court’s ruling sends out a message that it is acceptable to discriminate against older people, despite the impact that this can have, both on individuals and society.

“Supporters outside the High Court, who were understandably dismayed at the decision, were clear that ‘the fight goes on’ and I hope that we are able to reach a point – whether through the courts or through the campaigns being led by WASPI and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on State Pension Inequality for Women – where the UK Government takes action so that those who have been affected by the changes will be compensated.”

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