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Joint statement: Coronavirus – together we are stronger

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Joint statement from Heléna Herklots (Older People’s Commissioner for Wales), Sally Holland (Children’s Commissioner for Wales) and Sophie Howe (Future Generations Commissioner for Wales):

“Over the past few weeks, the world has quickly and significantly changed for people of all ages. But against a backdrop of uncertainty, worry and concern, we’re seeing wonderful things happening as different generations come together to help and support one another.

“From the schoolchildren writing letters to people living in care homes, to the growing army of volunteers helping to make sure vulnerable people can get food and supplies, to the retired professionals re-joining the workforce – every generation is playing their part in helping to get us through this difficult time.

“As we navigate the difficult path ahead, it’s crucial we are united. Together we are stronger, together we will get through this.

“And when we do come through this, we must remain united: we must remember that whatever our age we have far more in common than that which divides us, we must hold on to the kindness and compassion we are seeing in communities throughout Wales and, as we look to the future, we must not lose sight of how much we can achieve when we work together and support one another.

“We acknowledge and are tremendously grateful for how public services are redefining how they serve and work with local communities. As commissioners we will be working together to ensure that the rights of all generations are protected. We will be supporting public services in any way we can to get through this crisis, and to ensure there’s a longer-term positive legacy for public services in Wales.

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