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Carers Rights Day can be life-changing

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There are over 370,000 unpaid carers in Wales, and around a quarter of those providing unpaid care are older carers (those over the age of 65). They might be caring for a partner who’s had a stroke, or for a son or daughter with a disability, or for an older parent with dementia. Some will be caring for more than one person, and many will have been caring for a long time.

Caring also brings huge responsibilities – looking after someone’s quality of life, advocating for them, co-ordinating care and support, helping with personal care tasks and much more besides.

Yet often people don’t realise that they are carers, and therefore don’t seek help for themselves. Many carers do not know about the help that is available to them, or the rights they have that could help them to access much-needed support.

That’s why Carers Rights day is so important to promote carers’ rights. Groups and organisations will be reaching out to carers throughout Wales to let them know that they are not alone and that they have legal rights to support. Carers Rights Day can be life-changing, and I have seen the positive difference that can be made when people recognise they are a carer and that they have certain rights.

Protecting and promoting older people’s rights is at the heart of my role as Older People’s Commissioner for Wales and I’m pleased to support Carers Rights Day, playing my part in celebrating all that carers do, and promoting the rights that they have.

I wish everyone involved a very successful Carers Rights Day.

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