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Get Help Stay Safe Information Leaflet

Front covers of the Commissioner's Get Help Stay Safe Leaflets in English and Welsh

What should I do if I’m worried about someone else?

We can all play a role helping to protect older people from abuse, so it’s really important that we know the kinds of things we need to look out for that could indicate that someone is experiencing abuse:

  • Physical signs, such as unexplained bruising or injuries
  • Changes in behaviour (e.g. becoming withdrawn)
  • Not leaving the house
  • Changes in contact with family or friends
  • Changes in the way someone uses social media
  • Changes in spending (e.g. not paying bills, not buying food, not using heating could indicate financial abuse)

If you are concerned that a person is experiencing abuse, or is at risk, you should contact your Council’s Safeguarding Team, or contact the Police on 101. You can also get advice and support by contacting one of the organisations below.

Live Fear Free Helpline

Live Fear Free provides help and support to people experiencing abuse, and those who are concerned about others. You can contact Live Fear Free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

0808 8010 800

Visit the Live Fear Free website

Hourglass Cymru

The Hourglass Cymru Helpline offers support specifically for older people and can provide information, help and support, whether you are experiencing abuse or are concerned about someone else.

0808 808 8141

Visit the Hourglass Cymru Website

If you believe that you or someone else are at significant risk of imminent serious harm, contact the police without delay by dialling 999.

An older man in a dark room looking frustrated

“I didn’t want to make a complaint, but by knowing what was going on, the local safeguarding team could work with and support us to get my wife some help and reduce the risk of her hurting me again.”

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