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Biodiversity Duty

Biodiversity Duty

The Environment (Wales) Act 2016 introduced an enhanced biodiversity and resilience of ecosystems duty (the section 6 duty) for public authorities in the exercise of functions in relation to Wales.

The section 6 duty requires that public authorities ‘seek to maintain and enhance biodiversity so far as consistent with the proper exercise of their functions and in so doing promote the resilience of ecosystems’.

To comply with the duty public authorities should embed the consideration of biodiversity and ecosystems into their early thinking and business planning, including any policies, plans, programmes and projects, as well as their day to day activities.

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales falls within the definition of public authority under the terms of the Act and is required to publish a report on how she complied with the section 6 duty. This report is available to download below, together with the Commissioner’s Sustainability Policy.

Biodiversity and Resilience of Ecosystems Report and Forward Plan Read the Commissioner's Sustainability Strategy

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