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Ruth Marks

Ruth Marks was the first Older People’s Commissioner for Wales – in fact the first Older People’s Commissioner in the world – and took up post in 2008.

Having established the Commissioner’s Office, Ruth’s work focused on a range of key issues for older people, including dignity and respect in hospitals, protecting older people from abuse, and ensuring older people could make their voices heard.

Key Publications 2008-2012

Strategic Plan 2010-13

Dignified Care? Report

Dignified Care: One Year On

Dignified Care: Two Years On


Sarah Rochira

The second Older People’s Commissioner for Wales was Sarah Rochira, who took up post in 2012.

Engagement with older people was a key focus of Sarah’s work, and she met and spoke with thousands of older people throughout Wales while she was in post to guide her work and priorities as Commissioner.

Sarah’s review into the experiences of older people living in care homes was the biggest of its kind ever undertaken in Wales, and her recommendations led to a range of action and improvements.

Sarah also established the Ageing Well in Wales Programme, and delivered a range of research and reports relating to older people’s rights, GP services and wider community services, people’s experiences of living with dementia, and access to respite services.

Key Publications 2012-2018

Framework for Action

Voice, Choice and Control (Advocacy Review)

A Place to Call Home? (Care Home Review)

GP Services in Wales

Dementia: More than just memory loss

Rethinking Respite 

The Importance and Impact of Community Services within Wales

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Role & Legal Powers

The Commissioner has a unique set of legal powers to support her work to improve older people's lives.

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Commissioner's Work Programme

Find out more about the Commissioner's work and priorities for 2023-24.

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