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Commissioner’s Work Programme

A group of older people clapping and cheering

An independent voice and champion for older people

As the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, I want to see a Wales where older people are valued, rights are upheld and no-one is left behind.

To deliver this vision, I’m taking action against four key priorities: protecting older people’s rights, ending ageism and age discrimination, stopping the abuse of older people and enabling everyone to age well.

As you’ll see below, my team and I will take forward a substantial work programme during 2023-24, which builds upon progress made in key areas during recent years, while also focusing on emerging issues and responding to new concerns being raised by older people.

Alongside this, I will continue to provide help and support directly to older people through my Advice and Assistance Service, in addition to travelling throughout Wales to meet and speak with older people and hear about the kinds of action, empowerment and support that would make a positive difference to their lives.

I know that the Commissioner’s Office is hugely valued by older people, and together with my team I will continue to influence policy, engage
with decision-makers, promote good practice and, where necessary, hold public bodies to account.

Together with my team we continue our commitment to do all we can for older people throughout Wales and would like to thank all those we
work with for the inspiration, challenge and support you provide.

Heléna Herklots CBE
Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

Read the Commissioner’s 2023-24 Work Programme

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